Freitag, 1. November 2013

Preserving Knowledge

During my years of working as a software developer I found that having up to date knowledge is invaluable. It's quite a challenge to keep an eye on the rapid evolving technologies and to select and actually learn what is important for you. But there's another challenge that is easily overlooked: preserving the knowledge. In my experience, things you learn that you don't reactivate regularly - for example by using them, talking or thinking about them -  tend to vanish more quickly than you'd like them to.

In this blog I want to write about the things I learned, having the following aims in mind:

  1. Persisting Knowledge. Writing something down might help me structuring and therefore remembering things. If that doesn't work I can still look up whatever I wrote!
  2. Sharing Thoughts. Maybe you will find this blog useful or inspiring.
  3. Getting Feedback. Let me know what you are thinking - I appreciate any new input!